A multiplatform mobile app & a web-site for a grocery chain “Zhar-Ptitsa”



Development of an IT-system, consisting of three components:

  • A 1C ERP-System
  • A multiplatform app for IOS & Android
  • A CMS Bitrix web-site


Our primary goal, formulated by our new client, was to develop a mobile app for IOS and Android; however, at the negotiation stage we have decided to improve the existing website, renew its design, and integrate the elements into one system.


Our team consisted of a project manager, a designer, 2 backend developers, a frontend developer, a QA.

During the working process, our team managed to implement the following functions:

  • An opportunity to choose the store’s address
  • Catalogue of goods
  • Product’s review and comments
  • Product’s cart and their delivery
  • User’s personal account system, containing order history and list of favorites.
  • Informational blocks (personal information, help menu, list of favorites, etc.)


Some extraordinary features:

  • loyalty program and discount card, which QR code can be read via the app.
  • QR-scanner, which enables one to scan a product’s card and to view its price and characteristics.
  • favorite goods, which include a list of products, filled by a user for regular purchases.
  • booklets, which provide information about discounts and special offers.

The web-site’s and the app’s administration implies: 1C (to upload new goods and update their prices), CMS Bitrix (to fill the website with content) – however, CMS Bitrix was improved, following our client’s needs: such functions, as an opportunity to make a list of favorites, booklet adding, etc. were added by our team.

Moreover, our team of programmers also developed an API to connect Bitrix to the mobile app.


The mobile app helped our client to solve the following problems:

  • increase the customers’ loyalty
  • attract new customers
  • improve loyalty program, to save money on the production of plastic cards
  • establish feedback with the customers
  • “manage” the customers’ behavior
  • reduce advertising costs
  • popularize the booklets
  • increase the discounts’ and other marketing activities’ effectiveness.

Technologies used: TypeScript, ReactNative, CMS Bitrix, Python.

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