A multiplatform mobile app and data server for a bar & restaurant chain “London Group”


ItFox has been cooperating with “London Group” in the field of BPA for three years. Mobile App is a new project, which aims at the implementation of the loyalty program.


Our client needs a mobile app for IOS and Android, which will help his customers join the loyalty program.


Our team included a project manager, a designer, a backend and a frontend developer, and a QA.

The working process allowed us to implement the following functions:

  • registration via SMS
  • individual account with two roles:

* guest account (personal info and QR-code)
* waiter account (QR-code scanner and guest information)

  • admin panel (web-interface with a list of users, time of visit, bills, etc.)

Some extraordinary features:

  • opportunity to send an invitation code
  • users’ preferences (food and drinks)
  • comments about the users (problems, habits, etc.)


The admin panel is used to save the information about the guests’ preferences and habits. Moreover, ItFox managed to create a data server.


This mobile app was primarily developed as MVP, aiming to test the idea of transforming the loyalty program into a mobile format.
Our first hypotheses were approved: our client’s customers expressed their interest in the app, providing positive feedback.

Technologies used: Python, Django, Postgres, TypeScript, ReactNative.

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