Multi-platform mobile application for restaurants “FotoBox”


The ItFox team has long been working on a group of projects with one of the largest restaurant holdings, London Restaurant Group. We have already told you about the projects we have done for them. And now we have launched a new and just a crazy project. We started it with MVP and now according to the results of pilot operation we are extending the functionality, which was and introduce new ones. Below we are going to talk about the experience we had at the MVP stage and what we have already implemented on refinement.


The client wanted to develop an application with the help of which he could monitor and control the quality of dishes at the output from the kitchen and the consumption of products, thereby raising the quality of dishes.


The customer highlighted the following objectives:

  • To control the appearance of a dish when it is given away.
  • To control the weight of the dish when it is given away. 
  • Introduce a staff reference dish in the hall.
  • Control of the weight of the dish when it leaves the kitchen.



The customer asked to develop a web interface that would be connected to Restaurant365 and analyze the information from the sensors.



Web interface to read data from the benchmarking sensors and transfer the information to the accounting software.



Project implementation involved: project manager, designer, 2 frontend developers, 2 backend developers, tester, team leader.

The following features were implemented in the process:

  • Interface for the employees of the hall.
  • Interactive screen with photos of dishes.
  • Menu list based on Restaurant365.
  • Interface for kitchen staff.
  • Evaluation of a dish when it is taken from the kitchen to the hall.
  • Supervisor interface.
  • Display of the history of the return of dishes by date.
  • Recording in the history all measures of a dish.


Of interesting “features”:

  • Software with the help of sensors evaluates and checks with the standard inside the system the indicators of weight, appearance, and temperature.
  • Specially for the software realized box through which the return of the dish. Sensors for weight, infrared camera and optical camera are installed in the box.
  • Additional physical confirmation of the quality of food in the first stage by kitchen worker while serving in the box and in the second stage by employee of the dining room while receiving it through the box. 


In addition to the basic functionality, our development department offered additional functionality:

  • An additional filter in the history of dish giveaway to sort by dish.
  • Functionality to track dish preparation time from order to delivery.


Other options were suggested by our development department, but we won’t talk about them at this time as they are still under development.



Thanks to the implementation of the software, the customer was able to solve the following problems:

  • Improve the quality of dishes.
  • The average chef was able to bring his dishes closer to the standard of the Chef’s dishes.
  • Increase the rating of the restaurant due to the fact that the dish more often meets the expectations of the guest.
  • Increase brand awareness.

ItFox team, implemented the project for 3 months and for another 6 months we are evaluating the amount of work that will be done to bring all the customer’s wishes into the software. We will also talk about the process of working on this project in our social networks, stay tuned. 


If you have any questions, we will gladly answer them!