NDA project to track promotions and discounts


ItFox has completed work with one of the largest advertising platforms in Russia. The client requested outsourcing services for frontend developers, including designers. The project is under NDA so it will be described briefly and without mentioning the company. You can read more about what an NDA is in future articles.


The client wanted to develop an application where advertisers would place their promotions and special offers and a certain group of users could take advantage of them.


The customer highlighted the following goals:

  • To let users and partners see all offers and promotions in one place.
  • To enable advertisers to promote products and services. 
  • To give users information about which city/area/shop to take advantage of promotions and offers.
  • To carry out an individual approach to each user and advertiser.


The client had a backend developers department, but no frontend, so one of the most important tasks for ItFox was to synchronize the work with the IT department and help launch the application.


The task:

The customer asked for outsourced frontend developers to launch the app on two platforms (Android and iOS). 



  • Mobile app for two platforms (IOS and Android)



The following people participated in the project: project manager, designer, frontend developer, tester.

The following features were implemented in the process:

  • A concise and user-friendly design.
  • The system for searching for necessary goods and services.
  • Interactive screen for new suggestions.
  • Two different interfaces for the client and the advertiser.
  • Generation of QR-codes for the use of individual offers.
  • Personal profile of the client and advertiser.
  • Live chat with support.
  • PUSH notifications for chat messages with support.


Some interesting “features”:

  • Customization so that backend commands are always correctly displayed and visualized in the app.
  • Handy filter by 12 categories and sorting by request for more than 6000 advertisers.

ItFox specialists also developed subsets of interfaces for clients and their subscriptions.


In addition to the basic functionality, our development department offered additional functionality:

  • PUSH-notifications about discounts and promotions nearby.
  • GPS navigation to the nearest outlets.
  • The possibility of internal targeting advertising, which the advertiser can buy for an additional fee.

In fact, our development department offered a lot more items than we pointed out, but we can not tell you about everything and have shown you only what is possible.

By the way, the customer did market research and decided to resume work with ItFox and refine the functionality and design of the app based on it.


Thanks to the implementation of the software, the customer was able to solve the following tasks:

  • Introduce the product to the market and receive positive feedback.
  • Get a profit from the introduction of the application that has already covered the cost of its creation.
  • Established business contacts with advertisers for other projects.
  • To create a new corporate product.
  • Get a high degree of return from the users of the app.
  • Increase brand awareness.

The ItFox team implemented the project within 3 months. During the process, we had some issues with the backend developers, namely confusion over how to pass the necessary tools to the frontend, however, the ItFox team managed to quickly cooperate with the customer and set up the right work process.


If you have any questions, we will gladly answer them!

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