How we created a Fitness app with a 4.9 rating that attracted more than 250 trainers 1.5 months.

ItFox has launched Get Coach, a personal trainer matching service that contains a complete set of tools for organizing online workouts as well as managing the entire training process. The essence of the application is to make ordering a service from a personal trainer easier than hailing a cab.
The app solves a lot of issues that arise from issues such as:

  • Coaches in the gym are expensive.
  • Having to spend a lot of time researching a trainer’s portfolio.
  • Trainers have different formats of training materials – some have Excel or Word, some use PDF booklets, some still make programs by hand and send photos, which makes it difficult to store them and they are often lost. 
  • There is no single place to store the training diary.
  • Often the quality of training materials does not match the declared level of the trainer (despite the long search). 
  • It is difficult to check your progress, you have to look for photos and results of measurements in WhatsApp and Telegram, and sometimes in Instagram directly.

The challenge:

The customer asked for the development of a multi-platform mobile app that:

  • Allows the trainer to track the user’s progress.
  • Systematize the coach’s work.
  • Give the user the ability to easily find the right trainer.
  • Will give the user the ability to manage workouts and make meals for themselves.
  • Will be obviously useful to users and coaches as soon as they download it.


  • Mobile application for two platforms (IOS and Android)
  • Web page with separate functionality.


The project was implemented by: project manager, designer, frontend developer, backend developer, tester.

The following features were implemented in the process:

  • A concise and user-friendly design.
  • Personal progress tracking.
  • Training schedule for each day.
  • Personal account in which data is recorded.
  • Chat with a trainer.
  • Recording personal progress by measurements.
  • Meal schedule broken down by day.
  • Feedback system with photos and evaluators trainers.

Interesting “features”:

  • FAQ with basic questions, making it easy for a new user to understand how the app works 
  • We have implemented a quick start without paying – all users after filling out a profile are given access to Get Coach and added to the program nutrition and training, which allows you to immediately get down to full training. They were compiled by an honored master of sports.
  • Search history by request in different categories and by different programs. Ability to use one application as a family application.
  • A separate Web site where a trainer can track users who have contacted him or her and keep them in a single system.

In addition to the basic functionality, our development department has offered additional functionality:

  • Synchronization with smart watches and fitness bracelets.
  • Automatic calculation of the kcal rate.
  • The rubric “Articles” where trainers can give useful information and share experiences with users. 

Our development department offered other options, many of which are now in the implementation and development stage so we will not advertise them.


Thanks to the implementation of the software, the customer was able to solve the following tasks:

  • Given the recent launch of Get Coach it already has over 250 trainers in 20+ areas.
  • More than 500+ downloads on Google play and also on the App store.
  • 4.9 rating on Google play and 5 on the App store.
  • The application is already monetized and brings benefits to the customer.
  • High user engagement with trainers.
  • A high degree of financial attractiveness for trainers, because Get Coach has become their main and constant source of clients, which they do not need to look for on their own.

The ItFox team has implemented the basic functionality of this project in only 5 months and we are currently working on additional functionality and implementing new features.


 If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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