The Managing Company from Norilsk turned to us with difficult tasks: to reduce the load on the dispatcher service, to solve the problem of complicated paperwork, to simplify the collection of general meetings of residents to promptly conduct surveys, to create a common information field, where you can transmit information about tariffs, changes in fees, conditions of the contract, and so on.

The task:

The customer approached us to develop software that would enable him to optimize the MC’s work, as well as to establish a connection with the consumers. An important aspect of the work was the need to develop high-quality integration with 1C.

The project:

An IT system consisting of 3 components was developed for the customer:

  • Mobile application for two platforms (IOS and Android)
  • Web-interface (to enable the work from a computer)
  • Server with API for communication between 1C and the mobile application.


The project was implemented with the participation of: project manager, designer, backend developer, frontend developer, tester.

The following functions were implemented:

  • Recording of meter readings
  • Utility bill payments
  • Payment and billing history
  • Contact request forms
  • Grievance or complaint forms
  • General information on rates and contract terms.

Below are screenshots from our application:

Among the interesting “features”:

On-the-fly data loading for a more comfortable experience without having to refresh the page

The consumer can use the device of their choice, whether it’s a web office or a mobile app.

An administrative panel was created to manage the content and enter information about tariffs. ItFox experts also developed a server to store data and created an API, which allows the customer to receive data both in 1C, and in the web and mobile apps.

Below are screenshots from the Web service:

In addition to the basic functionality, our development department offered additional functionality:

  • PUSH-notifications about the need to pay, repay debts, information about events
  • The ability to conduct general residents meeting online
  • Polling
  • Marketing activities (greetings, organization of events, etc.)
  • Possibility to call the service personnel (electrician, plumber, etc.)
  • Chat room
  • The possibility of placing advertisements among the tenants (requesting babysitting, selling used furniture, etc.)

In fact, our development department offered a lot more items than we outlined, but we “slowed them down” and showed the customer only the most basic.

They, by the way, are panning to come back to us (to develop additional functionality in the near future), and we are currently negotiating on several other projects from them as well.


Thanks to the implementation of the software, the customer was able to solve the following tasks:

  • Reduction of accounts receivable due to the rapid and comfortable for the consumer payment of utility bills.
  • Reducing the load on the dispatching service by more than 30%.
  • Prompt informing of the resident on the status of applications, emergency shutdowns, debts, etc.
  • Reducing personal appeals about made payments thanks to the possibility of viewing the history of payments.
  • Increased customer loyalty through a transparent billing system
  • Streamlining communication between consumers and housing and communal services employees, recording and storing all appeals.
  • Creating easy communication with users by creating a single information field.
  • Simplifying document flow, reducing the amount of paperwork.
  • Reducing the time needed to conduct surveys and meetings of owners.
  • Additional way for residents to pay for housing and utility services.

The ITfox team completed the project in just 3 months! If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them!

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