Our client requested an IT-system, which includes 3 components:

  • mobile app for IOS and Android
  • web-interface, allowing one to work from PC
  • API server, connecting 1C with the mobile app


The client needed a mobile app to optimize housing and communal services work and establish communication channels with the users.


Our team included a project manager, a designer, backend and frontend developers, and a QA.

During the process of the work our team managed to implement the following functions:

  • Meters data
  • Housing and communal services payments
  • Payment and charges info
  • Feedback forms
  • Complaint and claim forms
  • General info about tariffs and terms of use

Some extraordinary features:

  • automatic data loading, allowing to have data updates without any need to refresh the page
  • an account holder can choose the device: either his web-account or the app.


An admin panel was created in order to ensure content management and tariff information editing. Moreover, our team managed to create a server, which allows to keep the data, and an API, which makes it possible for the client to receive his data via 1C, web-interface, or a mobile app.


With the help of the app, our client managed to solve the following problems:

  • decrease accounts receivable due to the convenience of the payment form
  • decrease in the number of personal appeals, concerning the payments made, due to the opportunity to watch the history of payments
  • increase of the users’ loyalty due to the transparency of the charging system
  • optimized communication between the users and employees, with the history of requests
  • simplification of the communication due to the creation of a single information area.

Technologies used: TypeScript, Express, Postgres, VueJS, ReactNative.

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