A representative of a management company from Norilsk, who wanted to improve the lives of his tenants and make their work easier and more convenient, contacted us.

The customer wanted to combine all the processes related to the maintenance of the residential complex in one program:

-to reduce the load on the dispatch service

-to solve the flow of documents

-simplify tenants` gathering for general meetings

-сreate a single information field where you can quickly share information.


The task:

To develop software, which would optimize the work of the Managing Company and establish communication with the consumer. Integration with 1C.


The project:

An IT system consisting of 3 components was developed for the customer:

– Mobile application for IOS and Android platforms

– Web-interface allowing to work from a computer

– Server with API for communication of the mobile application with 1C.



Project progress included: project manager, designer, backend-developer, frontend-developer, tester.

The following features were realized in the process:

– Recording of counter information

– Utility bill execution

– Access to the history of payments and charges

– Request for connection form

– Forms for complaints or claims

– General information about the tariffs and contract terms

– The administrative panel for managing information.

Below are screenshots from our application:

There are some interesting “features”:

-Fast loading of data, without having to refresh the page

-The system can be accessed through a web account or mobile application.

-A server to store data with API was developed, through which the customer can get data from 1C, web or mobile application.

Below are screenshots from the Web service:

In addition to the basic functionality, our development department offered additional functionality:

– PUSH-notifications (payment for services, repayment of debts, information about the events)

– The ability to hold general residents meeting online

– Polling

– Ability to call maintenance staff (electrician, plumber, etc.)

– Chat room

– Possibility to post notices to residents



With the help of the developed software, the customer was able to solve the following issues:

– Reduced accounts receivable due to quick payment of utility bills.

– The load on the dispatching service was reduced by more than 30%.

– Decreased the number of personal appeals concerning payments

– Improved customer loyalty through a transparent billing system

– The communication with the users was arranged due to the creation of the uniform information field.

– The document flow has been simplified and the amount of paperwork has been reduced.

– An additional way of paying for housing and utility services was set up.


IT fox team realized the project in just 3 months,

If you are planning to create a similar product, we will be happy to advise you, just leave a request

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