A multiplatform mobile app for online astrological forecasts



Our team has managed to develop:

  • a mobile app for IOS and Android, aiming to define the astrological compatibility of people in their private and business life
  • a web server, carrying out astrological compatibility forecasts in real-time


Our client needed a mobile app, which would be able to create precise astrological forecasts in the context of people’s business and private life compatibility. It was vital to ensure the correctness of data about the planets’ position since most part of the similar services demonstrate incorrect results in boundary conditions.


Our team included a project manager, a designer, backend and frontend developers, and a QA.

During the process of the work our team managed to implement the following functions:

  • user’s registration
  • profile editing
  • informational blocks (offers, astrology school’s info)
  • algorithm, making decisions about people’s compatibility
  • diagram-shaped and text-shaped results
  • subscription with paid options

Some extraordinary features:

  • authentic result presentation, based on 6 parameters
  • algorithm, allowing one to make precise calculations of the planets’ position to define the level of astrological compatibility


ItFox specialists have developed a server on which an accurate calculation of astrological compatibility with the configured conditions is performed in accordance with the wishes of the customer.


Since our client is the head of an astrological school, this app allows us to increase the loyalty level of the current students, being an effective tool of attraction of the new ones.

Technologies used: Python, Django, Postgres, TypeScript, ReactNative.

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