A mobile app for women to control their birth control pills taking.


The client needed a mobile app, which can be used by the women, taking birth control pills with different timing and forms of use.


Our team included a project manager, a designer, backend and frontend developers, and a QA.

During the process of the work our team managed to implement the following functions:

  • registration via mobile number
  • opportunity to choose between the type and the name of the medication
  • interactive pillbox, imitating a real one
  • time reminders
  • informational blocks (medication info, FAQ, etc.)

Some extraordinary features:

  • autocompleting of the regime and dosage in accordance with the medication’s name.
  • opportunity to add a new medication


To enable the client to add new medications, taking schemes, and other information our team has created an admin panel


The app’s development allowed our client, a women hospital, to increase their clients’ loyalty and motivate their further cooperation.

Technologies used: React Native, JS, Firebase.