“Complex” but free ways to promote mobile applications.

In the previous article, we looked at free and simple ways to promote mobile apps, and also talked about why you need it. Today we are learning about more “resource-intensive” options that still deliver great results over the long term.

How to promote a mobile application without direct advertising?

  1. Developing a content marketing strategy
    A competent content strategy is a serious work that ultimately brings tremendous rewards. Plan where, when and how often you will publish information about building your application on your smartphone and launching it. Let it be educational materials, for example, “How to place an order?”, Promotional materials “Why do you need an application?”, Motivational materials “Install and get a code”, and so on. The correct sequence of actions and the “push” of the consumer will quickly increase the number of downloads and, as a bonus, sales.
    Remember, content is not only text, but also articles, podcasts, videos and more … use different senses, test variations and create the perfect communication.
  2. Feedback
    There is a little secret on how to motivate a client to download an application. Give him the opportunity to leave a review only in it. For example, if he wants to make an offer, write a review or express gratitude (we are sure that your business will only have gratitude), let him do it on his mobile device.
    Add a bonus for downloading the app – this will increase the conversion even more.

A few words about monetization…

Monetization is what a mobile application is developed for, that is a way to make a profit. However, we have repeatedly encountered a situation where monetization is not well-considered, especially in non-standard projects with elements of gamification.
Since gamification is another way to attract users, the issue of monetization should be given special attention, making it as transparent, interesting and simple as possible.

  1. Statements and meetings
    Speeches at conferences, thematic events and meetings, where there is an opportunity to tell about your application, is also an additional tool for promotion. So, if you are attending an event, feel free to ask the speaker to mention the product and place the QR code in the presentation.
    You can also make a presentation of the app, especially if it is a separate product.

To sum up the topic of free ways to promote applications, we can say that it is worth trying any of the existing ways of communicating with the consumer.
Talk about your application as often as possible, add information to business cards, write articles, motivate with bonuses – talk about the application everywhere, fill your information space with it, and then you will immediately notice how fast the mobile audience is growing.

Read about paid promotion methods in our next article.

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