How to promote mobile apps after launch? Simple and complex tools.

You have finally created a mobile application and you may think that this is it. However, there is a long process of implementation and development ahead. It’s not enough to make a high-quality product. It’s also important to tell users about it and motivate them to use it as often as possible.
Today we are starting a series of articles on mobile apps promotion after their creation and launch. By the way, there is an opinion that there are only paid promotion methods and it is almost impossible to find an audience without a budget.
ell… yes and no – it all depends on what your company does and what methods of interaction with customers it uses. For example, if your application is StartUp, then it is almost impossible to build an audience quickly and for free. Of course, there are different “manual” methods, such as posting on forums and social media, asking friends to repost, etc. However, you have to understand that this way you won’t reach the TOP for a very, very long time…
It’s a different story if you have a physical store, where you regularly communicate with customers. In this case you can quickly increase the number of downloads even with the help of a cashier.
Let’s take a look at the TOP 5 Free (or shareware) ways to promote an application.

Free ways to promote mobile apps:

What should retailers do if they want to use all communication channels to the full extent and get the loyalty to mobile customers? Certainly, it is not necessary to refuse a mobile website – it is necessary in any case, however, mobile app developers at the expense of the ready project will lead marketing in the mobile sphere on an essentially new level.

  1. Placing a banner
    The simplest and most affordable tool is placing a banner on an active Internet resource (website, blog, page, etc.). This way users will be able to learn about the application and download it to their mobile device.
    And don’t say: “сaptain obvious”ю More than 10% of our clients forget to publish information about the availability of a mobile application on the website.
  2. The use of printing
    Paper checks, flyers, brochures, bags, and more are great promotion opportunities. Place a QR code on them, the user will scan it and go to the Apple or Google store.
    By the way, checks are proved to be the best here. Although leaflets look more creative, checks are thrown out less often, which means that the conversion is higher. And of course, do not forget to give a download bonus – at least double the discount.
  3. Engaging audience through checkout zones
    For offline business owners, there is a great way to reach your target audience. Absolutely everyone passes the checkout, regardless of the purchase made. So take this opportunity! Turn on creative thinking and try to place a bright poster or arrange a promotion and offer to download an application for a discount on a product.
  4. Social media promotion
    Publish posts and reveal the benefits of the app on VKontakte, Instagram or Facebook.
    Feel free to remind clients about them as often as possible. Keep the post pinned or add it to “highlights”
  5. E-mail messages
    Regular mailing will allow you to spread the word about the capabilities and functionality of the application, as well as attract subscribers with a special offer.
    By the way, email newsletters are still effective, so you shouldn’t ignore them. Use the forms on the site and in every possible way motivate visitors to leave contact information, offering in return, for example, a promocode for a discount.
    Let’s dwell on this for now. We’ll look at other ways of promotion in our next article. In conclusion, we would like to say that a mobile application is a huge investment in the development of your business, however, like a website, it requires effort and popularization.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to these two stages (for which there is usually not enough time):

  1. Planning – study the market, target audience and create a high-quality product that will be in demand among users.
  2. Promotion – a set of actions that will make your application popular and allow you to monetize it.

In this article, you can see how we work and how we help to achieve great results.

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