Mobile app promotion using advertising. General overview.

You can promote a mobile application in different ways, even for free, as we wrote in this article, but not everyone has the resources to do this without significant advertising costs.

Of course, a combined promotion method will be the most effective when you use all of the possible tools equally, however, it is important to take into account all the specifics of the business and the marketing strategy (if any).

So let’s take a look at how you can promote your app using advertising.

Promotion through advertising:

First of all, it should be noted that advertising is not cheap, like app development service itself. Moreover, any promotion channel is practically tested. So, you have to test all the possibilities first, and only then invest a significant budget.


Unfortunately, the stories about someone who invested 10000 rubles in search engine promotion and received 1000000 rubles are either very peculiar success stories (got lucky) or myths.

However, back to our channels:

  1. Online advertising placement
    There are several types of online advertising. Which one is right for you depends on the specifics of the business, as we’ve already mentioned above. Perhaps display advertising (placing a banner that you can click on and go to the download page) or contextual advertising (when information about your application is available through the search).
    By the way, it has been proved that display advertising is aimed at users who are not yet familiar with the application and have not heard of it. Contextual advertising acts more specifically and helps to carry out direct sales. It is geared towards those interested in the application (however, we repeat, every business is unique – there is no universal advertising strategy).
  2. Targeting.
    This is one of the most effective promotion tools. It is highly personalised and is focused on a specific target audience. The settings allow you to collect an accurate portrait of a potential user (age, geolocation, interests, actions).

    Messages and posts, announcements in the feed, posts on the website, in the application – all of these are targeted advertising.

  3. Seeding
    Posting about the application on thematic sites is called seeding.We hope everyone is familiar with the “famous” targeted advertising on VKontakte. They have their own service that simplifies the work even for a beginner. The platform allows you to buy ads from large communities, which is very convenient and effective. You can select a community based on a number of criteria, for example, by topic, geolocation, number of members, and also specify the date and time of publication. You pay only for published posts.There is no such tool on Facebook or Instagram. Using seeding, you can try to negotiate with the community administrator without intermediaries, as well as use the Sociate exchange.
  4. Bloggers.Advertising from bloggers is similar to seeding. Influencers post information about your app instead of communities. You can choose bloggers of a particular topic using special tools – GetBlogger or Epicstars.Bloggers.
    Advertising from bloggers is similar to seeding. Influencers post information about your app instead of communities. You can choose bloggers of a particular topic using special tools – GetBlogger or Epicstars.

There are various tools for promoting your application depending on your budget.

If you are not ready to pay money for advertising, do the promotion yourself. You can place a banner on the website of a mobile device, use printing, attract attention at the checkout, work on promotion in social media, publish articles on different platforms and websites, and use e-mail newsletters. You can learn about more complex ways of free promotion in this article.

Additional investments will open up new effective opportunities for promotion. By investing regularly, you can set up ad campaigns on the largest platforms and social networks, work with bloggers and increase the number of users of the application.

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