A Mobile App for Weight Loss in Game Form with the Ability to Bet and Win “Slim Game”

In June 2021, a client reached out to us and wanted to develop a mobile app for weight loss.

The main “feature” of the project was the ability to organize “weight loss games” and place bets.



It was necessary to develop a mobile app for IOS and Android, where you could get money for the kilos you lost.

The product should motivate people for losing weight in a game form.




We needed to do the following steps:


  • While analyzing the market and nearest competitors
  • After analysis to propose a version of the product which would differ from the competitors and have certain advantages
  • Draw up a prototype of the application
  • Propose and approve the design
  • Select the development technology stack and programming language
  • Develop a privacy and security policy.

The research proposed a pleasing and laconic design that stood out from the competition in a winning way.



Project implementation involved: project manager, designer, front-end-developer, back-end-developer, tester, team-leader.


Python and Django framework were selected as a server stack.

Frontend was written in react naitive.

The following features were implemented for the “Slim Game” application:


  • Chat access
  • A personal account of the user with the ability to post photos and participate in games
  • The ability to create their own games, public or private with access by link
  • Authorization by SMS
  • Administrator and moderator personal cabinet
  • Integration with the bank payment system for betting and receiving winnings
  • Block Q&A with feedback option

The application was released in November 2021 on Google Play.


If you have any questions or would like to create a similar project, just leave a request and we will call you back!