Software and Mobile Application for Housing and Communal Services


In November 2021 we were approached by a company from Perm with an interesting idea.

Due to aggressive policy of IP intercom monopolists in Perm region, AVT-telecom CEO decided to develop software and mobile application that would help to be competitive with providers.

The customer’s idea was to receive intercom calls through a mobile app with the ability to remotely open doors.



The ITFox team researched the market, the customer’s path when using the software, all the processes along the way, including the installation of IP intercoms.

A software product was then proposed that would meet all of the customer’s requirements.


The research showed that there was no equivalent product on the market that would give the ability to handle multiple types of intercoms in a single web application.


We divided the work into several stages:

– Description of the desired functionality from the customer

– Developed prototypes for software and mobile apps

– We developed the design for the app

– Approved it

– Proceeded with the development

– Tested.


It happens that the development process changes, for example the customer comes up with a new feature, or, on the contrary, decides not to develop some part of the functionality – we always meet the wishes and practice the “flexible approach”.

And that time, after reviewing some of the processes it was clear that the product should have more advanced functionality:


-Have a module for requests to the emergency dispatch service

-Keep a checklist to work with the dispatcher

-Synchronize with 1C

-Add other buildings to the system

-Have the ability to create personal accounts for tenants

-To have information about accounts, debts and payments for services.



Interesting “features”

-In order to allow other companies to pay and use the system, we have developed the necessary functionality and connected acquiring.

-We created a call log.

-We combined several types of intercoms

-Integration with doorway cameras



The project was implemented with assistance of a project manager, a designer, a front-end-developer, a back-end-developer, a tester and a team-leader.

So, on the first stage, the software and mobile application, which reflects the needs of the customer and the companies, involved in installation and maintenance of intercom systems on the Russian market, were implemented.


The implementation of all conceived stages and processes will help the customer to achieve the following goals:

-Monetize the mobile application by connecting other companies

-To bring real benefit and convenience to the customer

-To be able to constantly develop and supplement the application with unique functionality.

-Beneficially differentiate ourselves from our competitors and be more competitive.

We thank the AVT-telecom team for their trust and courageous decisions!


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