Principles of filling in the brief for mobile application development

In the previous article we discussed the notion of a brief and what it is used for. Today we will learn the principles and rules of filling out a brief to provide mobile application development services.

There are no strict rules on filling in the brief. According to experts, there are a number of requirements,, which if followed, will help to fill in the document correctly:

  1. Brevity.
    The optimal length of a brief is no more than 4 pages. For information about the mobile app and substantive answers, that’s enough.Concise does not mean incomprehensible. We strongly advise you to use clear wording that excludes “vagueness”.
    For example, “Work in the transport industry” does not give an understanding of whether you carry out cargo transportation in Russia or own a taxi company.
  2. Specificity.
    You do not know how to answer the question – write several options. But don’t use mutually exclusive, ambiguous language. More certainty and specificity will help you find a solution faster and proceed with implementation.
  3. Structure.
    Stick to a template and a set structure. Highlight the main point by using a font. Answer only the question posed and do not get away from the point.

Questions about company and contacts

The first section of the template is an introduction to the company. Indicate the name of the organization, field of activity, briefly tell about your products or services. We recommend not only to provide the full name of the contact person, but also the position. This detail will help the developer understand how well the employee understands the IT topic.
– Do not forget to indicate the website address and e-mail address, as well as additional communication methods – instant messengers. So it will be more convenient to contact and clarify the questions that have arisen.

General information about the project

The second section of the brief concerns the essence of the project, idea and business objectives.

  • Purpose of creation
    Answer the question of why your organization needs a mobile app, what you plan to accomplish with
    For example, to increase sales, find new customers, simplify interaction with customers.
  • User portrait
    Analyze who your target audience is, and why they want a mobile app. For example, to place an order, find like-minded people, get useful information.
  • Difference from competitors
    Share links to competitor applications. Identify solutions that you think are successful, and what could be changed or improved.
  • Selecting the platform
    Determine which platform the app will run on – Android, iOS, or both at once.
  • Application type
    For example, mobile games, ordering and delivery service, training programs, financial management app or to-do planner, etc.

So, we have run through the structure of the brief! By the way, you can simply take a page of A4 and, using the points outlined, draw up your own brief, and then send inquiries to us and several other contractors. This way you will quickly get answers to questions about the approximate cost and timing of development.

However, if you feel that the information is not enough (that you want to write more details), we suggest you move on to our next article.

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