Application details as one of the main elements of the brief

In the previous articles, we discussed general information about the brief for mobile app development, as well as the rules for filling it out. So now, you can prepare for a meeting with developers on your own, or send ready-made documents to several app development companies in order to analyze pricing and select a contractor.

Now we decided to “go further” and work on a more complex brief, with which you can convey more information to developers, and in general, to structure your thoughts.

So... the third block of the brief:

  • Main functions
    List the functions that will be needed first. Think about what the sections, tabs, and buttons will be. If it is difficult to explain in words, show examples to guide the development.
  • Integration with third-party services
    To make purchases through the app you will need to connect a payment system. Alternatively, set up authorization via social networks for users’ convenience
  • Monetization
    Decide whether to install the app for free or not. And also think about the possibility of additional paid options. For example, placing other people’s advertising banners.
  • Scope of work
    It is important for the contractor to know whether the server part is needed, whether design development, prototyping will be required, who will provide technical support. If there are any additional materials, such as layouts, design, be sure to attach them to the template.
    Based on the specified scope of work, it is possible to determine the budget and timing most accurately.
  • Lead time
    Practice shows that it is difficult to give exact dates of development for a number of reasons. That is why it is recommended to specify an approximate launch date, preferably with time to spare. If you have a strict deadline, it is better to inform the developers about it at the stage of filling in the brief.
  • Project budget
    Experts advise specifying an approximate price range. Based on the marginal amounts, the developer will be able to offer the best solution.
  • Further information
    Answers to the basic questions of the brief will be sufficient for the developer. If you want to add something, use the block of additional information. For example, specify restrictions related to corporate style and use of certain colors.
    The section can be skipped if there are no additions or requests.

Here we are coming to the end of our series of articles about filling out a brief for developing a mobile app. At the end we would like to say that a brief is not a panacea and if you don’t like to “mess around with paperwork”, you can always leave a request and we will determine all the necessary information with you during a free consultation.

However, if your goal is to analyze prices and possible contractors, a competently completed brief is a great way to cut your time and find the best application development company for the project.

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