The important factor for an effective mobile application

A unique idea is not a guarantee of mobile application success. Believe me, as a mobile app development company we often faced with amazing ideas that fell apart during the implementation phase. From outstanding to funny – one step.

In this article, we will highlight 5 most important factors for the effectiveness of the application. The first one is the people for whom it was created. Well, here we go!

Identify the target audience

Behind a simple term, there’s a lot of work. Identifying the target audience requires access to a significant amount of demographic data and gathering a lot of information about future users. Not having a clear idea of the main types of users of your product, there is no point in entering the market. Also, it is necessary to remember about the possibility of the existence of such applications.

So, we made sure that the idea is unique and collected a lot of useful information. How to find your own CA?

Just think that you have developed an application that allows you to order car wash services. It’s not hard to guess that the target audience is car owners. But will that be enough? Of course not! Now you need to do more research – you need to do a comprehensive and in-depth analysis.

First, we need to find out how often people order car wash services and how much money they spend on it. The second point – at the expense of what special chips can attract the attention of customers.

And now you can move on to the most time-consuming part of the work – the collection of statistical information. There are special services that help you find the required data on Central Asia: Google Trends/Adwords, Quantcast, Flurry, and App Annie. All of them extract information from various programs and services. To find useful information for your business, you need to keep track of potential customers and remember what questions were asked in the previous paragraphs.

Of course, in this matter, you can not do without the questionnaire information: age, gender, location, the field of activity, level of education, and others. Such dry information can bring considerable benefit, they are very appreciated mobile application developers as they help to understand the style and way of life of future users. Do not think that it is easy. You need to use logical thinking and imagination. Or just to communicate with experts. But from a lot of information to get the image of a real potential user. In the future – keep track of market trends that can change the behavior of the audience.

Develop a marketing strategy

It is now clear with the audience, but also the app development implies the choice of the marketing strategy for the start. In other words, we will have to return to Central Asia (and who do you think will use the product?).

Ideally, if every dollar from the marketing budget will work to increase the number of users of your application. Again explore all the data about your own customers. Analyze their area of interest and find the most valuable group. Lower the details, identify the target, and shoot it with all available weapons.

Don’t miss your chance

Mobile and app development has one more significant factor of success – it is necessary to find the “right moment” for the program release. Your product can be seasonal or created for the New Year holidays (Black Friday, March 8, and so on). Find the right moment. Maybe the launch of the project should be attributed to an event.

If the launch of the project on the market is not linked to a certain date, the main task is to prepare the basis for the release. Make a simple moment “right”.

Advertising is an obligatory part of product success. Focus on different social channels and Internet resources where potential customers go. In addition, explore expert opinions and view industry blogs. Thematic communities and forums can also help.

There is no need to stop the ongoing collection and research of user information. A full understanding of the needs of the target audience will allow excellent market promotion, eliminating the possibility of future errors.

It doesn’t matter what mobile application developers do: a game, a service for trading, or a corporate program. Remember, the most important information is the preferences of users for whom the product is created.

Use everything to get the product to hook the user

It’s time to get into the appearance of your product. The main thing you should know about mobile app development is that there are millions of programs in the modern market. So how to achieve that it is your application that stands out from the total number? We will think together.

Keep track of trends. Not just to take someone else’s idea, but to clearly understand what features users now need. And just to keep abreast of all the technological advancements will not hurt.

Carefully approach design development. An excellent interface is a key to success. The first time the user looks at it, he will immediately understand – there is a contact! But remember: a simple design is the most difficult to implement. To ensure an accurate shot, you need to find real professionals.

100% accuracy and efficiency in development. Initially, the efficiency of information is implied. No one will be interested in applications that overuse 3G/4G. In the future, it will be necessary to forget about their existence. Make sure that the program uses the data as efficiently as possible. Do not be greedy about testing, even if it is cheap app development. Any mistake is a negative UX.

Think bigger. Or try to create a non-standard idea.  Everything new causes a big fuss – game, film, technology, TV show, and so on. People are always in search of something fresh and unusual. It is difficult to give some advice (then it will be a full-fledged business idea). Get ready to create something new. And in the future, regularly come up with new chips. Is it that simple? But the old idea is not a guarantee of success.

Explore the market. You need a clear understanding of the market segment you’re going to enter. Don’t be stingy for a while. Success is about understanding all the nuances. Suppose there are many more Android users than iOS. But iPhone owners spend more money on apps. Knowledge of certain nuances will help to build the right strategy.

Users should not wait. If the app takes too long to load, make sure that you have not lost touch with the client. The user should not even think about a technical problem. The best way to avoid such a situation is to use a progressive download indicator.

Develop the USP

You need to develop a unique selling proposition. If it is high, then your product is truly unique on the market. What can I do? Find the USP indicator and inform the user about it. But before doing so, you need to work through 3 important points:

Competitiveness. Look for such applications and compare them by functionality and other characteristics:

  • soft and hard qualities;
  • price;
  • important customer benefits;
  • user feedback;
  • small nuances (explore every detail that distinguishes your product from its competitor and understand what is a plus or minus).

Unique qualities. In this case, it is not necessary to answer a few questions.:

  • What should a description of the program look like to make users interested in it?
  • What options will impress the client?
  • What features will make users return to the product?

It is necessary to give the most objective answers, you can also address them to your target audience.

The pros of the product. Undoubtedly, mobile application developers cannot objectively estimate the creation. But we offer you a small check-list. Find the positive qualities of your product, according to some points:

  • Characteristics. For example, whether different payment methods are connected (a card, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.).
  • It’s good. Will the program helps you order food delivery faster than expected/occurring usually.
  • The different you are from your competitors. For example, your product is cross-platform.
  • A confession. Maybe your app has a lot of positive reviews or you have downloaded a lot of times in the first month.
  • The slogan. You shouldn’t underestimate its importance. You should have a slogan that attracts attention and is associated with this product.


Of course, the clearest picture of users can be achieved through a lot of research. Ideal: before the mobile app development company will start to be engaged in the creation of the project, during and after. Having defined, who will be most interested in a product, it will be possible to create design and functionality according to wishes.

For people to start downloading your product, it is worth making sure that they need exactly what you have created. But every point of this article is very important. After you find the right approach to the embodiment of each, you can present on the market a unique masterpiece. 

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