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Today in this article as an expert with us will be a developer of the company “IT Fox” Julia.



Hi everyone, here is IT-Fox – the IT and WEB application development team.

Today we decided to tell you a story about how we developed the Get Coach fitness app, which soon got a 5.0 rating and attracted more than 250 trainers in 1.5 months.

Artem Nazaretyan came to us with a cool idea for a startup, who understood from his own experience the secret of visible results from working out. Artem said how difficult it was to find a good personal trainer who will really help you achieve the results of the classes, but most importantly, Artem understood that the result will be visible faster when all the processes are organized.

Artem described the situation:
Imagine that you found a cool personal trainer Nikolai in a social network. After that you corresponded for some time there, did the first training, and then you exchanged contacts and started communicating in messenger.

Then Nikolai sent you a nutrition program to e-mail and… Now some of the data, including the exercise program, your first measurements and the nutrition program are everywhere but not where you want to find it.
And so you think what exercise and how many times to do today, and the next time too…And another day Nikolai forgot his workout diary and the next time the workout is no longer planned and consistent, and therefore the result will be the same.

Also, in addition to this there were known problems:
– Researching a trainer’s social media, you have to spend a lot of time looking at the trainer’s portfolio
– The cost of personal or online training can be up to $70
– Gym is paid separately

Description of the app

Artem’s idea was to create a fitness workout app that would be useful for personal trainers and help to
track users’ progress systematize his own work and it will be useful for the user, as it will provide him:
-the ability to easily find the right trainer
-see a workout program
-see a nutrition program

Why are fitness apps still popular, and why are we excited to take on this task?

The answer is very simple – sports and the desire to get in better shape are gaining in popularity every day.
In addition, taking care of your body is equal to working on your health and well-being, so improving the quality of life is now a good trend.

The main objectives of the project are:

– Convenient tracking of users’ successes.
Absolutely anonymous user can add his “before” photos to see the dynamics and estimate the result of the “after” photo.
– A flexible system of “subscriptions”.
You choose the appropriate price, just specify the one that suits you.

Also you could choose the ready-made offline and online training programs or the personal nutrition and training program.
– Variety of fitness activities
Nowadays, the smart fitness trend, which carries the key goal of psychological development, has won the hearts of many people.

And to make it easy for people to find such a trainer, we have added several directions so that everyone can find one. It is much easier, using filters, to choose a trainer with a similar philosophy and attitude to the sport, just by ticking a box. Otherwise you will have to search a lot of sites and look through a lot of accounts in social networks.

Safe Deal 

In this day and age of DDoS attacks, scammers can get to your data, hack it, and get all of your personal information, they can sell it and use for their own purposes.
An important part of any app we create is designing a secure transaction.
You can be calm about the impossibility of leakage of your data – we will take care of it.

Systematization of the coach’s work 

– If you’re a coach, you can fill out your profile and link to your website or social media profile.
– Demonstrate the range of all your services – fill it out in detail and the chances of being selected will increase.
– Maximum convenient for you will be to track your workload – to see the number of requests and the status of payments.

– Flexible choice of rates – you can test the program for free for three clients.

What platforms were you developing the fitness application for?

– The mobile application was developed for two platforms IOS and Android.

This is what the task board looks like in Trello (a project management tool). When you start a project, the technical director and the project manager create task cards, assign responsibilities, and add the necessary labels.


The implementation process 

Comments from the developer of “IT Fox” Julia:
“We had a serious and difficult task: to make the whole cycle of work to match the client’s requirements with the base of trainers, and most importantly, to make further client management and communication between them smooth and convenient. The client had his own vision of the process, which we adapted to the UI we had written.

The client’s desire and satisfaction are most important to us, and we tried to make these processes as comfortable as possible, in spite of the cross platform”.

Interesting “features” we came up with during development:

– FAQ with basic questions. At first sight – this is standard functionality, but it is so comprehensive that a new user can easily figure out how the application works on their own.

– A so-called “quick start” is available to everyone – this means that without paying – all users are given access to Get Coach after filling out a profile. Those who want to work out – access to a personal trainer and nutrition programs, compiled by a renowned master of sports. In general, we provide everything to be able to start a full training session right away. And coaches who are looking for clients

– Access to the management of 3 clients without payment.

– The ability to use one app as a family app – and it’s beneficial. For example, you and your girlfriend can take a large training package in half.

Comments from the developer of “IT Fox” Julia:

“There were a lot of nuances in the development process. The business logic and the idea of the application itself are very interesting, but there were “weaknesses” that had to be worked out and provided for.
We dealt with questionable moments with the process of forming an application and selecting a trainer, we thought a lot about how this process will take place on the trainer’s side so that adequate and convenient logic is not lost and there are no “holes” in it, we tried to provide for everything that could happen in different situations, so the application will respond correctly.

But, thanks to our Tester and Project Manager, we found ways to solve these points, and it turned out to implement all the wishes of the customer with fewer losses”.

 A mind map of the registration process and functionality from the trainer-user side and the user as a client


Why is Get Coach better than its peers?

Comments from the developer of “IT Fox” Julia:

– Verified trainers
The client is very serious about creating a database of trainers, so you will find qualified trainers in the app in different price segments who are seriously vetted.

– Tracking your results
You keep statistics of your progress with photo/video confirmation, you get a personal training session, which is corrected by analyzing your progress. You can track your progress by yourself in your office and enter the data without sending statistics to your personal trainer.

– Highly personalized.
Get Coach has a lot of filters and useful information. You get a nutrition program, chat with your trainer. Everyone will pick the right goal for their needs here, at the creation stage of the application, whether you just want to eat right, lose weight, gain mass, or improve your mental health.

– Helping users find their first free program
We’ve introduced questionnaires to help customers understand “how it works,” and made the onboarding it’s a feature that teaches users how to use the app in the first phase of the launch.

How we make Get Coach better

During the development process we were so passionate about the result, which by the way often happens to us, that we suggested introducing some more useful features:

– Synchronization with smart watches and fitness bracelets, which further allows you to track the effectiveness of your workouts, for example, you can know the number of steps, your heart rate and overall activity.

– Automatic calculation of kcal, based on energy expended and lifestyle in general, the app determines the amount of calories and you already know how much and what you can afford for dinner.

– The rubric “Articles” – here trainers give useful information and share their experiences with users, this attracts additional attention to your person, as a real expert in their field.

By the way, there are additional ideas that are being implemented and developed now, so you will learn about them a little later.

The results of work

After launching the app, we helped Artem solve the following tasks:

– Already in the first month of operation, more than 250 trainers in 20+ areas registered in the Get Coach fitness app.

– More than 500+ downloads on Google play and also on the App store.

– We have achieved an excellent score of 4.9 on Google play and 5 on the App store.

– The application is successfully monetized and generates revenue for the customer.

– For most coaches Get Coach has become the main and constant source of clients, who do not need to search for

themselves and conveniently control everything in one place.


If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them!



Thank you to our client Artem Nazaretyan, the founder and Marketing Director of Get Coach

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