2020-2021 top 10 start-up trends.

People from all over the world use mobile apps to solve their problems – for this reason, the mobile app market will make $580 billion of profit through App Store and Google Play. If want to join the number of the profit-makers, this article may provide you several useful ideas.


Trends to follow

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is an attempt to add some effects, like noises, images, and texts to our regular life. Not only does the gaming world need this type of reality, but the enterprises of other areas (tourism, interior design, and public health) are also interested in this subject. Ikea Place may be a good example of AR opportunities in a mobile app.



The pandemic has demonstrated the necessity of telemedicine. Both patient’s and doctor’s security implies an opportunity to have online appointments, following the lockdown regulations.
In the nearest future, AI-based apps will provide more diagnostic features, whereas the doctor will be able to have a video-chat with his patient and carry out medical tests using a special platform.



Bots have the potential to improve the process of communication between a buyer and a seller. At Starbucks, you may order your cup of coffee, pay, and get all the needed information about your order with the help of bots. This way is very convenient, since you don’t even need a printed bill.

Mastercard bots help one to monitor his incomes and outcomes. These bots don’t even need a sophisticated design, being useful in any form.


Virtual reality (VR)

Give up your outdated opinion that only the game industry needs VR. Medicine, education, space science, aviation are among those areas, which are in desperate need of VR technologies. It gives one an opportunity to simulate the situations, which cause fear of heights or crowds. Adventure lovers can visit different places of interest via Google services.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our world is based on artificial intelligence, which speeds up its progress. Now we have special recruiting apps, which optimize our timetable and synchronize with our calendar.



Blockchain is a technological breakthrough, which has affected numerous business areas. About 90% of enterprises want to become investors of this technology, considering it perspective and prestigious.


Servicing apps

In the modern world, even taxi services need an app. The pandemic has increased demand for delivery and online shopping services since it has become very convenient to interact with the world while sitting at home. Ask yourself, which features might become useful for your enterprise in this changing world?


10 apps which could conquer the market

Things exchange

This app gives its users an opportunity to exchange their belongings, from electronics to an old wardrobe. For example, you have something, which is no longer in use, whereas you need some other thing. This app helps to find a person, which owns things of your interest. Quid pro quo is a key principle of this app.


Information about new laws

It seems a good idea to have an app, which filters your areas of interest in the context of monitoring adopted laws. This app would be useful for law and accounting offices.

I need a bicycle, and I need it NOW!

An app, based on your preferences and individual parameters. It considers your weight and preferable places of riding. As a bonus, you get the list of favorable roads. This app might be used by bicycle rent and sale companies.


Device theft protection

This app will automatically make a frontal shot of a person, who had a failed attempt unlocking the screen, sending you an email with a shot. This might be useful for those users, who prefer to keep their devices and data safe.


Seller search

A client will upload the photo of the product he needs and has become desperate to find. It would be great if someone could use this idea as an addition to his existing project.


Probes” and customers’ opinions

Probes and samples are a good idea to raise interest in your product, since it makes it easier to see the user’s reaction and his attitude. In fact, it is very useful for both the brand and its clients. Getting information about users’ reaction and their comments may be useful for corporations, which produce consumer goods.



This app helps one open one media file on two devices, which could possibly make the sound deeper during a party or open one video on the students’ devices during a lecture. This app may become a breakthrough in education and event management.

Movie Shazam

You see a scene from a movie on the Web or in your recommendations, without any idea of the movie’s name. This app gives an opportunity to make a screenshot and find it on the internet. It would also be great to have an app, which enables you to find series by plot description and citations.


Gestures translator

Your smartphone’s camera gives you an opportunity to recognize gestures along with providing you with their translation. It might be useful for those organizations, which cooperate with hear-impaired persons.

Choose the ready-made ideas – and we’ll help you to realize them!

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