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Dedicated team
Mobile development
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Machine learning
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We allocate developers for your project according to the required level, knowledge of technologies, and experience in the industry.

The cost of a dedicated team depends on the number of employees required and their skill level. On average, the rate of one specialist is 35$ per hour.


We develop applications for solving any tasks from MVP to applications with serious business logic and architecture.

The cost of developing a mobile application depends on its type and complexity, in general, the cost varies from 400,000 ₽ for simple applications to millions of rubles for multi-page applications with various integrations and accounting systems.


Backend and frontend development of any level of complexity-from small sites to corporate portals

The cost of developing an average corporate website starts from 200,000 ₽, while a high-load Internet portal will cost more than 1,000,000 ₽


We help to implement the project from the “idea” to the result and take over the full development cycle.

The cost of implementing your idea on a turnkey basis depends on its type and complexity, it may be a small project worth 200,000 – 300,000 ₽, or it may be a full-fledged web system consisting of a large number of microservices costing from 3,000,000 – 4,000 000 ₽


We use modern methods of analysis and get informed conclusions about business processes.

The cost of the “Machine Learning” service completely depends on the result that you want to get and the complexity of its achievement. To accomplish this task, a team of specialists will be allocated, the average hourly rate of which is 2000 ₽ per hour.


We develop prototypes that take into account consumer behavioral factors, which allows us to create effective products.

The cost of design development depends on its complexity and the requirements set by the customer, in general, the price starts from 40,000 ₽ per design.

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Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily life, so now we can’t imagine how to live without them. And it’s not only about communication. Today smartphone is a camera, a key and an encyclopedia. Everyone can see a transport schedule, get a taxi, order food and other products using only mobile phone. 


That’s why mobile app development is a major step, which has already been taken by the largest companies around the world. Now a long and boring process of searching the internet have turned into a fast access to what a user really needs. For this reason, developing a mobile application for your business will set you apart from other companies and provide your customers with a convenient tool for searching. 


Choose us and you will immediately assess all the benefits. We have an extensive experience creating innovative mobile apps and know exactly what an end user wants. A combination of unique appearance and ease of use is what guides our mobile developers. 


You can contact our managers for any questions. They’d be happy to advise and help you decide what you want to achieve with your mobile app. 


In our fast-moving world mobile application is not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity.

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