One can hardly imagine a business, which is not web-based. In accordance with modern tendencies, even small enterprises need their information to be published online, using internet bulletin boards and online maps. However, you should understand that the user’s development goes hand in hand with technological development. That means your clients become less willing to come to your office or showroom, to call you in order to get a consultation, to adjust themselves to your working hours: if you don’t provide them with the maximal convenience, they will prefer your competitors.

Description of the service

So, what can you do to help your client get full information about your product at any time and make a purchase?

Our “Web Development” service gives you great opportunities to optimize your business processes, to save your money and time, needed to sell your product, reach your potential audience, etc.


The website provides the first impression of your company. Most clients are not prone to make phone calls, to be put on hold, or to have a live conversation at all. However, they still search for information, goods, and services – so your online platform will be the best solution for them. As technologies develop, the number of this type of client grows.

The list of our customers includes large and small enterprises, such as café and restaurants, cargo companies, and online stores.

  • In cooperation with you, we discuss the goals of your future website, so you can be content with the final work
  • Our Technical Specialist on a free basis provides you with his recommendations since the website is supposed to be user-friendly. We also formulate a preliminary Technical Requirement during this stage
  • Having discussed every detail, we prepare our Business Proposal and send it to you
  • We make an Agreement
  • In cooperation with you, we draw the website’s design
  • During the process of development, we send you weekly reports about our work
  •  We launch your website, we transfer the website’s ownership to you, providing you with the full access to the site
  • An exclusive visit card: you get your personal website with a meticulously crafted structure
  • A virtual office. Your staff members may be on their vacation or on sick leave – but your platform will be working for you at any time of the day and night
  • Cheap advertisement. Publishing your information, your company asserts itself on the web, appears in Google and Yandex searches, which helps you to drive out your competitors.
  • Cooperation with your clients and feedback. Your website gives you an opportunity to get feedback about your company, contacts of your clients, and start your advertising campaign without a waste of funds.
  • A dedicated manager. Usually, it is difficult for a Programmer and a Businessman to understand each other since they share fundamentally different goals. For this reason, ItFox provides you with a dedicated manager, who will work on your project on a fee basis – so you can enjoy your work with us and be content with the result of this work.
  • Senior and Middle-level programmers. Our team of developers can be proud of a great number of sites, highly evaluated by hundreds of our customers. Not only does our team do its job with high quality, but we also spend a minimum amount of time.
  • QA. For your website to run like clockwork, our QA’s test it during every stage of the development. We assure you that in case of any bugs’ appearance, we will immediately fix them.
  • We have a transparent online time and attendance system. We give you an opportunity to read our weekly reports, so you can check the amount of time spent on working with your project.
  • Ongoing support. We are always online. You can ask your dedicated manager and the developers themselves any questions you consider important.
  • “pay-as-you-go” basis of payment, made every week.