UI/UX mockups

It seems that only large enterprises tend to explore their client’s preferences. In fact, this job is to be done if one wants to drive out his competitors. Since the fact that the global sales shift to the online format, these tendencies draw our careful attention.

Description of the service

There is a famous Russian algorithmic proverb: If you are ill (yes) – get your treatment, if you are healthy (no) – take care. UI/UX design shares the same function: no matter how long your client is surfing your website, he is supposed to make you a call or a purchase, eventually. In this sense, it is essential to develop the proper UI/UX layouts, which will lead him to this decision. In a short, UI design is focused on image perception (including fonts and colors), whereas UX addresses the website’s functionality. The largest search engines monitor the users’ activity – to be able to make their conclusions and necessary corrections, increasing their profits.


From time to time we face the questions from our clients, considering the low amount of sales, provided by a new website. After several analytical procedures, it becomes clear that it is not due to the product itself or to the website’s content. In most cases, the client cannot find the needed information – and leaves the site. Often, it is clearly viewed through the statistics since the customers leave the website from particular pages. Using our UI/UX development you may be sure that we will immerse ourselves in the process, trying to view your website with the eyes of your customer.

  • We prepare a team of an analyst, a programmer, and a project manager
  • We identify your aims and goals
  • We develop various scenarios and choose the most appropriate ones
  • We project the layouts, whereas our analysts control their meeting all the requirements
  • After the project’s approval, we put it to work
  • Your website’s or app’s maximum functionality
  • High conversion
  • Understanding your clients’ needs
  • Based on the statistics, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, making decisions about your website’s further development
  • ItFox provides you with a project manager, who coordinates the work, while all the responsibility lies with us
  • Having a team of Senior level programmers, we guarantee the highest quality of our work
  • Weekly reports enable you to understand the progress, whereas a “pay-as-you-go” method will allow you to pay only for the work done
  • Our team of QA’s will search for and eliminate the possible bugs before the system starts its work
  • Ongoing support. We understand that making an agreement and primary discussion of the details are not enough for the proper code, so we stay tuned in order to improve our effectiveness