Turnkey solutions

Every enterprise begins with an idea – and so do IT-products: you develop an idea, which will help your business break new ground. But when it comes to implementation, numerous difficulties appear. Suppose, you have decided that you need a mobile application, which will collect statistics from the retail outlets. It seems a good idea, able to significantly improve the effectiveness of your work – however, the question of the WAYS of its implementation (HOW exactly should you collect the data? HOW should it be represented? WHAT are the possible ways to save your money? WHAT can simplify the process?) remains unclear. In this case, our “turnkey solutions” service might be useful for you.

Description of the service

“Turnkey solutions” service provides a full cycle of works, associated with the creation of an IT-product (starting with data collection and development of a prototype – and up to its launching and publication). In this case, our specialists do not just implement your project in accordance with your technical requirements – rather they also carry out an analysis, prototyping, development of the architecture, optimization, etc., helping you implement your idea with maximum efficiency. Moreover, cooperating with us will also help you lay the proper groundwork for the future IT-product, avoiding the possible mistakes, which could make its further development impossible. To put it simpler, if you seek assistance from a freelancer, he will probably help you, but in the case of a slightest deviation (i.e. adding of a complementary indicator) some bugs may appear – which means that the entire code should be rewritten.


If you have an IT-department of your own, or a Technical Specialist, able to undertake all the preparatory work and to draw up proper and consistent technical specifications, you should better use other services, provided by ItFox. However, if you have found yourself stuck in the middle between the formulation of your idea and its further implementation, our “turnkey solution” service will assist you in the creation of an effective IT-product, able to accomplish your business tasks.

  • We set the goals of the project (in cooperation with you)
  • We prepare the complete description of the business processes
  • We draw up a technical specification
  • We write down the instructions and train the staff
  • We analyze the results and make corrections
  • You get new IT-decisions from the scratch, but in accordance with your purposes
  • You skimp on highly-paid specialists
  • You receive a unique product within a specified time frame, which means that you do not lose your profits and clients
  • You receive precise instructions for the created applications and developed processes, which can be used either for your own understanding, or for staff training
  • You optimize your business processes
  • Project Manager, who exercises control and stays in touch with you during the course of the process
  • Middle and Senior – level Programmers, who save your time, taking into consideration all of your requests
  • Time and attendance software, which enables you to understand what do you pay for, basing on everyday reports
  • Experienced QA’s, who will free your project from bugs and errors
  • Ongoing Support of our managers and programmers, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the creative process instead of technical routine
  • Step-by-step payment, enabling you to have a clear view of the work done.