Mobile development

It’s hard to imagine our life without a smartphone. This small device reflects all important areas of our life: photos and videos, documents, record books, e-mails, notes, etc. It is very convenient – one can hardly imagine our life without a mobile.

Description of the service

People work and plan their vacations, order food and house cleaning services, monitor their children’s location and their health online. Whereas in the family of four, statistically, there are 1-2 PCs, the number of smartphones equals the number of people – therefore, their target audience is wider. The share of mobile traffic has become 50% and continues its growing tendencies.

That means new business opportunities since not all entrepreneurs understand the necessity of these IT-decisions. In general, mobile applications may be divided into the following categories: apps for clients (consumers) and apps for business (staff and contractors). While your competitors are still working the old-fashioned way, waiting for the incoming calls and hiring new salesmen, our partners have already broken the new ground, enjoying the convenience of their work, multiple requests, and profits.


It would be a mistake to say that everyone needs mobile app development. In this sense, it is essential to understand your target audience and your expectations. We just consider it important for you to be satisfied with the final result, so, trying to be honest at this point, we want to save your money.

But, taking into account the growing volume of this kind of traffic, soon, there will be no area, not affected by mobile technologies. Even senior citizens have become experienced users, so simple applications with high usability may become a sound option to search queries. The list of our clients includes cafes and restaurants, wellness centers, educational institutions, warehouses, cargo companies, medical institutions, etc. We are ready to implement your boldest ideas.

  • Firstly, we discuss your goals and provide you with our recommendations, demonstrating our portfolio
  • Next, we hold a free consultation with our Technical Specialist and begin our work on the technical project, which will help us determine a time frame and a preliminary price.
  • We provide a business proposal
  • We sign a contract
  • We begin our work: prepare the application prototypes (it’s free), come to an agreement with the client, and start the workflow.
  • We create the app’s design (in accordance with the client’s requirements)
  • Then, we begin our development work, sending you our weekly reports. The payment is made weekly, on a “pay-as-you-go” basis
  • Finally, we publish your app in App Store/Google Play
  • You raise your profits, if it comes to the sales. Not all of the clients express their ability and desire to communicate in person. People buy things and conduct various transactions during the day, on their lunch breaks, in public transport. Besides, potential clients may not be ready to buy your goods and services at any given moment. But if they have an opportunity to get more information online, they will be more likely to become your customers
  • You reduce your labor costs (staff’s salary becomes your monthly expenses, added with a percentage of sales, whereas an application is a one-time investment)
  • You rule out possible errors of the staff, being able to control the process of information delivery
  • You get your own product with unique functionality, which gives you an opportunity to implement your boldest ideas
  • You increase the convenience of your work, along with its transparency: now you can collect all the needed statistics at any moment.
  • Dedicated Manager. Apart from a team of programmers, you will also have a personal manager, who is always online. His job is to monitor the timing of the working process and bookkeeping, make prompt changes to the work order, and prepare all the necessary reports.
  • “Senior” and “Middle” level programmers. Our experienced specialists are used to performing high quality and rapidity of their work, which means that you can save both your time and money
  • QA. In order to save your time we also lease our QA at each stage of the work performed, who carefully fixes possible bugs.
  • We have a transparent online time and attendance system. So you can check the current status of the work and ask any questions you like
  • Ongoing support. You can always ask any questions, making necessary adjustments to the course of the work.
  • “pay-as-you-go” basis of payment. So you can pay every week for the volume of the work done after our Project Manager sends you a report.