Machine learning

We are surrounded by loads of information, especially, when it comes to the analysis of the business processes. In earlier times, there were analytical departments, whose job was to scrupulously evaluate the effectiveness of every business process. However, gradually, their reports have become more automatic, giving the analytical departments an opportunity to use the target figures. Nevertheless, the data analysis was still on behalf of humans.

Nowadays, thanks to the “machine learning” service, you can entrust this work to AI, which uses large amounts of data to provide you with a careful analysis and a work plan, able to improve your business’ effectiveness.

Description of the service

What is machine learning? In short, it is an algorithm that uses large amounts of data, statistics, prognoses, and hypotheses. It may seem that this algorithm conducts common analytics (obviously, excluding the human factor), but, in fact, it is a much more complicated process. The program is in a constant process of development, creating new algorithms and converting the received data into a new experience, which changes the initial algorithmic structure in accordance with the results of analysis and the history of its work.

An ordinary person can never consider such a great number of parameters at the same time, which can be easily proved with the help of an Excel spreadsheet (which uses the formula). If you happen to change a single parameter, the whole spreadsheet will change dramatically. A human being will spend hours to find the solution, whereas AI will immediately show the answer. Machine learning, in its turn, allows us to carry out instant analysis of the ways the changed parameter influences the results, converting this information to its new experience, thus, continuing its learning.


Every businessman, who is interested in his enterprises’ profitability, strives to control his business processes and influence their effectiveness. This could be an easy job in the case of a small enterprise, but every enterprise has a tendency toward growth, which increases the amount of the processes and the number of people involved. Not every entrepreneur has enough time, experience, and resources, needed for careful analytic work. Every staff member, unfortunately, works with unstable intensity, being subject to stressors and errors. Purchasing our “machine learning” service, you solve a lot of problems, being able to make immediate corrections to your business processes, based on the current data and received daily.

  • In cooperation with you, we discuss your goals and problems, which you want to solve with the help of our service
  • We ask for all the required information, data, statistics, converting the latter
  • Basing on your goals previously discussed, we determine the set of parameters, which will help AI identify your client and educate itself
  • Then, we start writing the code
  • Next, using a simple example, we demonstrate particular results of our work 

Machine learning opens a new chapter in the world of technologies, which allows one to improve the effectiveness of his work, increase profits, and reduce costs. Moreover, the program is in the process of constant self-education and improvement of its processes. In a short, the new algorithm (which number is unlimited) is developed, based on particular data (statistics and examples) and parameters (attributes and keywords). Using this algorithm the program processes the incoming data, suggesting possible decisions, and producing the intended effect. Besides, not only does the program use the initial data, but it also analyzes its own experience. The better the initial data is, the greater amount of the parameters and algorithms is, the easier it gets to use machine teaching, having maximum results.

  • Project Manager, who supervises the process, helping you to get your maximum results
  • Senior and Middle-level programmers, who spend less time on the development, helping you to implement your idea more quickly, simultaneously, using the lower amount of money
  • Our QA’s are always at work, ensuring the highest quality of the code
  • Weekly reports and “pay-as-you-go” basis of payment. The report reflects the amount of work finished, so you can always know what do you pay for.
  • Ongoing support. We always stay tuned in order to provide you with all the necessary explanations, to consider every detail, and new ideas, which might not have been formulated earlier.