We can expand your team or lease our IT-department to help you with IT problem-solving.

Service description

A dedicated team is the best solution for those enterprises, which need to implement an IT-project without wasting their time on recruitment, control, and training of the staff. The dedicated team’s ability to provide qualified personnel, capable of solving your tasks in IT, without any excessive tax and social payments, is the main benefit of the service; moreover, with the help of the dedicated team your enterprise minimizes potential losses, associated with the so-called human factor (probable illness, unplanned vacation or dismissal, etc.)

Using this service, you can also hire a team of programmers to accomplish the staffing of your IT-department and to accelerate the implementation of your project.

All of the programmers of ItFox are Middle and Senior – leveled, which allows us to assist you in your most ambitious projects, guaranteeing the highest quality of the code.

A dedicated team includes:

  • Programmers
  • QA’s
  • Project Managers
  • Managers

Thus, using this service, you get the whole team of the IT specialists, who will work “on a turn-key basis” – which means that you won’t have to drown yourself in the project. You’ll be able to admire the final outcomes, having an opportunity to pay close attention to the processes, which require your direct participation.

We guarantee our IT-specialists’ highest level of professionalism, which allows you to be confident in the quality of their work and its timeliness.   

All in all, a dedicated team – is a ready-made IT-solution, a team of professionals, which aims to save your time and money, helping you to implement your projects on time.


The “Dedicated Team” service is useful for both large and small companies. We can either provide a required number of programmers for your IT-department, or lease that of our own, depending on your tasks.

Cooperating with us, the qualified personnel will stop being your problem, becoming your competitive advantage.

Firstly, we explore your aims and needs in order to put a team together. Basing on the received information, we send you a sales pitch. After reaching an agreement, we sign a contract and develop a plan for future work, establishing the deadlines and lines of accountability.

  • A team of professionals, responsible for decisions they make
  • Time, saved during recruitment and training of the staff, enabling you to accelerate the project’s implementation
  • You free yourself from the time losses, associated with human factor: all of our professionals are interchangeable – so that they don’t call in sick or ask for extra days-off and vacations
  • Cost-reduction in taxes and social payments
  • Guarantees for the quality of the final product without any bugs
  • Middle and Senior – level specialists, which save your time and money
  • An opportunity to control the working processes, receiving all the necessary accounting without paying too much attention to the routine matters


In progress.

Middle and Senior – level programmers, able to solve the most intricate tasks in the minimum terms.

We have a transparent online time and attendance system – so you can know what do you pay for and receive progress reports from the Chief Manager at any time.

Ongoing support. You can always ask any questions you like and make any adjustments to the current work.